Ban the Ban on Glass!


I don’t like places that are starting to ban Glass. My Glass is permanently attached to my face, I don’t think I could remove it if I was told to 😉

More importantly, I think this is just plain wrong, and feels like a violation of my rights on a number of levels. First off, since I’m a journalist (among other things) this seems like a clear violation of the First Amendment, yes the very first, that protects freedom of speech and freedom of the the press.

Only if I ALWAYS wear Glass can I be assured of using Glass to capture and share media events as they happen. And also perform real-time research using the powerful “OK, Glass, Google” feature. Preventing that clearly seems like a restriction on the media (press).

But not everyone’s a media person… or are they? You are the new media brand when you post to social networks. Does that count in this new socially mediated world where the consumer is now a content creator and distributor (publisher)?

I think there should be no issue about me capturing my life for myself in any manner that I feel helps make my life better. I think there is a very important distinction between capturing and sharing that has become lost in the debate… I think for most people the issues are about sharing that content without the subject’s permission. I’m concerned about that, too!OK, screw the First Amendment and it’s freedom of speech and of the press. What about my rights as an individual? In this not-so-brave new world personal data capture seems like a basic right.

But guess what? There are already laws to prevent publication of people’s images without their permission… I would need a release for from you before I would be able to publish it. I don’t see why those same laws wouldn’t apply to personal publishing as well. I know posting/publishing without releases has become rampant, but maybe a combination of lawsuits and respect for other people will help stem that.

What’s mine is mine, and I should be able to experience life with whatever technological enhancements I decide are helpful to more fully experience the world and the people around me. This is my life, and I’ll digitize it if I want to!

I guess this makes me a total glasshole, but I think we should fight for our right to wear Glass!