Fred Davis Consulting

As a long-time executive, publisher, technologist, and entrepreneur, my background support my ability to help your business, large or small, to start off in the right direction or course-correct as you keep growing — either way, crucial interventions that pay off.

Here are a few areas where I focus:

Company culture

Build and maintain an ethical and healthy organization, focused on the company’s culture, value, capabilities, and management processes


Find opportunities to increase and optimize revenue, reduce churn, and align product offerings to customer segments

Business building

Enable rapid growth through customer acquisition, partnerships, diversity, and visibility

Verticals and channel sales

Determine which verticals, channels marketing, sales, product adoption, and higher conversion

Growth strategies

Strategic growth planning including future tactics and communication and visibility plans

Design product to customer value and cost

Design products that maximize customer value while balancing development and manufacturing costs


Focus on investment factors and readiness for pitching to angel and VC investors and well as friends and family Engagement with developers, partners, employees, and investors Best practices for corporate communications.

For a free consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other, contact me.